Autocount Cloud Accounting FAQ


  1. What is the meaning of Free Version of Cloud Accounting
    Cloud Accounting is free for any company that has less than 100 invoices and 60 journals in a calendar year. The detection on number of invoices and hournals will reset on every 1st day of a calendar year.
  2. Based on Q1, does that mean that my company on January will be free if I do not have more than 100 invoices or 60 journals?
    If your company had exceeded the Free Version benchmark before, any continuous usage of the account will be charged. Meaning once your company had exceeded the Free Version limit before and become chargeable, it will no longer switch back to Free Version. The reset mechanism is only applied to those company that is not chargeable.
  3. If the company is under Free Version for the first 3 months (total invoices below 100 and journals below 60) but exceed on the 4th month. Do I need to pay for the first 3 months usage?
    No, Autocount will only charge starting from the 4th month. Any usage on the first 3 months is deemed free and there will be no charges.
  4. How many companies can I subscribe in Autocount Cloud Accounting
    You can subscribe with unlimited companies in Cloud Accounting. However, assuming that both of your companies are not under Free Version, each company will be charged individually according to the service plan applied. For example, if you have 2 companies running Life Plan (RM70), the expected charges will be RM140 (RM 70 for each company) by the end of the monthly billing period.
  5. Under one subscription, is it possible to have some companies that are running Free Version while some compannies running chargeable plans?
    Yes, the charges will be on specific company. It is possible to have a mixture of free and chargeable companies together in one subscription.
  6. Under one subscription, can user of company A able to login into another company B?
    This depends on the user invitation set in the company under User Setting. If the user in company A is also invited to access company B, then the user will be able to access both companies. However, if the user is not invited to access company B, then the user will not see company B at all.
  7. What is Accountant user?
    Accountant User is a type of user for you to invite an accountant that is handling your company’s accounts to be able login into your company to perform their job. Each service plan comes together with 1 accountant user (except Accountant Plan).
  8. How do I register as an Accountant User? What are the requirements?
    The details of Accountant User are yet to be concluded. We will inform any involved parties whenever the details are finalized.
  9. Can customer handle upgrading of service plan or add on user on their own?
    Yes, we allow customers to handle this temselves at their billing portal.
  10. What is the difference between Monthly and Yearly promotion?
    Monthly promotion is a 50% discount on the monthly fee and usually calculated on the bill per month. Yearly promotion is a purchase of the subscription plan for 1 year (12 months) and entitled another 1 year (12 months) free, a total of 24 months. However, for yearly promotion the subscriber must pay 1 year free upfront instead of a monthly payment.
  11. If I do not pay the monthly subscription fee after being charged, what will happen to the account?
    Autocount provide a grace period of 7 days for payment after billing and if you do not pay, you will not be able to login to access your company.
  12. Are there any materials videos or any type of resources available for learning purposes?
    Yes, Cloud Accounting has its own Help Center or contact us at eData through 05-5417238/05-5417291 or head over to our Youtube Channel

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