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The all-in-one HR & Payroll software you need to streamline your processes

Easy management anywhere anytime

Securely access the system anytime, anywhere via any network capable device. New PC or Phone? No worries, just login via your email and password and access it anywhere. Our system supports mobile devices on iOS, Android and Huawei HarmonyOS.

Integration with AutoCount Accounting.

Connect and get payroll transaction posted to accounting modules such as AutoCount Accounting and AutoCount Cloud Accounting seamlessly.

Seamless integration helps prevent errors from manually entering accounting entries. Users can define the data to be posted according to their preferences.

Packed With Essential HR Features.

Manage overall HR efficiently with advanced features such as Staff Management, Payroll Processing, Pay Slips, reminders & notifications and many more, the system also ensure the processes are complying to the latest Statutory Requirements and is LHDN-approved, and enabling automatic calculation of EPF, SOCSO, EIS, and PCB contributions and provide reports based on government legislation.

eLeave, eClaim, eAttendance, ePayroll in One App.

Mobile application for employees to easily apply leave, and manage claims, attendance, and payroll anytime as part of Employee Self Service feature, the eAttendance utilizes advanced technology such as Facial Recognition and GPS-based clocking feature for accurate attendance information.

Automatic Software & Regulatory Updates

No manual updates and installation required, every login will lead to the latest version and ensuring they can always benefit from the latest features and remain compliant with regulatory bodies such as LHDN, EPF, SOCSO and EIS.

Integration with AutoCount Accounting

Connect to AutoCount and get the related payroll transaction posted to accounting modules seamlessly.

start from
RM 44/Month*
start from
RM 720/year*
Best for Company who wants a complete HR solution, including Payroll, e-Leave, e-Claim, and e-attendance Company who wants a complete HR solution, including Payroll, e-Leave, e-Claim, and e-attendance
Payment Frequency Type Monthly / Yearly Yearly
Employee Headcount for Payroll Process Up to 5 (Unlimited companies) Up to 30 (Unlimited Company)
Included Free Payroll Users Unlimited if purchase for 12 Months 1
e-Leave & e-Claim
e-Attendance (Time Attendance)
e-Approval Setting Multiple
Employee Download Own Payslip
Employee Profile Maintenance
Branch Setting
Project Setting
Employee Type Setting
Department Setting Include sub-dept Exclude sub-dept
Organization Chart
Bank Account Setting Multiple Single
Calendar Setting Multiple Single
Advanced Calendar Setting
Payroll Process Type (First Half / Second Half / Bonus / Commission / Claim)
Statutory Type (EPF, SOCSO, EIS, Income Tax, Zakat, Tabung Haji, ASN)
Monthly Payroll Link to LHDN Calculator
Formula Setting in Allowance, Deduction, Overtime
Electronic Payment
Payslip By Email (new feature)
Payslip Notification (By web, email, mobile app)
Loan Repayment Scheduler
Report Design
Email Notification
Payroll Posting to Cloud Accounting
Health Record Transaction
Multiple Access Group Setting
Support (Online Chat)
Individual Account Security Feature: 2-Factor Authentication

– Exclude Implementation
** Price displayed excludes SST charges.
** All promotion offers are subject to terms and conditions.
** Free mode supports payroll process up to 3 employee headcounts. Additionally, our free mode allows up to 10 headcounts for the e-Leave, e-Claim, and e-Time Attendance features.

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Access to essential features with your smart phones, such as leave/claim application, status checking, and approval process.

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