Autocount Stock Inventory Training



Course Code – 10001289479  

Trainer: Ms. Susan Kok

Course Content:

  • Understanding the Stock Inventory Workflow and its significance & Usage of Business Documents related to inventory management.
  • Stock Module, Generate Item Code, Maintain Stock Group &
    Type, Maintain Stock Opening Quantity & Hands on Exercises.
    Stock update Cost, Stock Adjustment, Stock Issue, Stock Receive &
    Stock Write off.
  • Generate purchase documents –Purchase Invoice, Cash Purchase
    Purchase Return and View Purchase Reports.
  • Generate sales Documents – Delivery Order, Sales Invoice, Debit Note and Credit Note
  • Multi Currency for Debtor & Creditor
  • Basic SST for Accounting & Billing – Activate Tax Malaysia, Tax Code
    Configuration, Hands-on Exercises AR/AP Transactions, SST Listing,
    Generate SST Processor & View Reports.
  • Additional Functions – Advanced Multi-UOM, Stock Take ,Multi
    Pricing & Multi Location

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