Autocount Unicart ver 2.0

Unicart 2.0 Plug in is to perform integration between SiteGiant and Autocount Accounting allowing data from SiteGiant to pump into Autocount for accounting,inventory and reporting purposes.

It only supports one-way-sync from SiteGiant to Autocount Accounting.

SiteGiant is an E-commerce website that handles multiple marketplace such as Lazada, Shopee etc. It will centralise the data (Customers, Products, Orders) from these marketplaces and allow users to just operate from one end to reduce work redundancy.

System requirement: Autocount Accounting 2.0 Basic Edition and above, Pro Edition recommended to fully utilise Autocount Accounting 2.0 Rev 121 and above (Recommended). This is purchase on a yearly subscription basis. If you wish to watch the video on this Unicart 2.0 Plugin, contact us at 012-5182922.