EIS / SIP (Employee Insurance Scheme)


SIP ( Sistem Insuran Pekerja) commencing 1/1/2018.

EIS ( Employee Insurance Scheme)

Provide benefit and re-employment assistance for lost of employment.

Employee & Employer Contribution

Managed by Perkeso (SOCSO)


 – Age Limit ( 18-60 yrs old)

 – Contract of Service included

 – Maximum salary insured is RM 4000

 – Foreign Workers is exempted

 – Age at 01/01/2018 is 57 years and have not contributed to Socso, no need to contribute to SIP Scheme.


Conditions entitled to claim SIP

 1. Normal retrenchment / redundancy

 2. Natural Disaster, eg Gas leakage

 3. Employer abscond /Bankrupcy/Business closed down.

 4. Business re-structuring

 5. Loss of employment

 6. Downsizing of business

 7. Construction dismissal

 8. Employer forced to do a certain risk job and employee reject also can claim

 9. Sexual Harrasment during work


Conditions not entitle to claim SIP

 1. Misconduct

 2. Voluntary resignation

 3. Retirement

 4. Expiry of Fixed Term Contract


Conditions for Claim Entitlement

1. Minimum 12 months contribution complete – full fledge

– Contribution stops halfway will be entitle to interim payment.

Employee must be ready to look for job

Interim Payment- 1st 3 months at RM 600.00 ( for those who do not contribute 12 months ). Will pay out 30 days from 1st payment. Employee need to write report and submit at end of month to Perkeso office before the next claim is issued out.

If Employee make a full 12 months contribution in year 2018. Employee lost his job on 1/1/2019, he is entitled to full fledge claim as below for 6 months.

1st month –  80% on the basic pay

2nd month – 50%

3rd  month – 40%

4th  month – 40%

5th  month – 30%

6th  month – 30%

** Compulsory to deduct from Jan 2018 salary.

Employer need to register with Perkeso for the SIP using Borang SIP 1A & 2A or

for more info refer to https:/www.perkeso.gov.my/sip/