Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is a highly trusted payroll system which allows you to have complete control and visibility over your payroll. With streamlined payroll processes and standard documentation via pre-determined HR templates, Sage Payroll system increases your efficiency increases your efficiency and productivity in dealing with resource and payroll issues.

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Benefits of using Sage Payroll:

  • Easy setup, simple to use
  • Stay compliant to local legislations
  • Eliminate unnecessary human errors
  • Free HR of the manual routines to focus on more strategic tasks

Why choose Sage Payroll?

1. Help and support from the experts

Even though our payroll software is easy to use, we understand you might need a helping hand now and then. That’s why Sage Payroll is backed by market-leading support, giving you access to our payroll experts by phone or email.

2. Manage your employees

Taking care of your employees comes first. With Sage Payroll, you can securely store employee information, efficiently manage holidays and record custom absence types.

3. Get started quickly and easily

You don’t need to be a payroll expert, or hire one to use it. With a simple installation process, set-up wizards and a built-in help centres, even first-time users will be up-and-running quickly and easily.

4. Hassle-free payroll

A third of private sector employees are paid through Sage – let our software do the hard work for you, no matter how large or complex your payroll is. Sage Payroll automatically calculates wages, allows for easy set-up and customisable deductions.

5. Pay employees straight from your software

Pay employees straight from your software. With Sage Payroll, you can pay employees direct from your payroll software, saving precious time so you can focus on running your business.