Excel Tips & Tricks Training



Course Code – 10001287839

Trainer: Mr. N.Selvam

Course Content

  • Introduction to Excel Worksheet, Customize the Ribbon, Quick
    Access Toolbar.
  • Short-cuts in Action – Hands on exercises ( Display Formulas,
    Autofit, Recalculation, Worksheet and Workbook, Chart,
    Table, Spell Check, Formatting, Hyperlinks & Etc.)
  • Continue Hands on exercises ( Auto recover, Fun stuff,
    Windings and alt char sets, PDF and clipboard, Cells and Etc.)
  • Formulas Hands on Exercises ( Inserting a function,
    Troubleshooting/ Debugging Excel formulas, Sum/Average/
    Min/Max/Count/Countif/Sumif, Trace precedents and
    Dependents in a formula)
  • Continue Formulas Hands on exercises (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP,
    GOALSEEK, Type Function, Financial Formulas)
  • Data Cleansing Hands on Exercises – Why do you need to
    Clean the data for reporting & 10 ways you could clean the
    Data In Excel.
  • Beyond the Main Topics – Automatically open Excel file at
    Startup, Watermark, password protection (Cell/Sheet/File)
  • Excel Automation with AI – What is AI & ChatGpt, ChatGpt
    With Excel. Q & A session.


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