Introduction to Ai Tools (ChatGPT/Bard/Bing/Naturalreaders) as a Practical Guide for Beginners



Course Code –10001321369

Trainer: Mr. N.Selvam

course Content

  • Introduction to ChatGPT/BARD/BING- Understanding the
    Capabilities & limitations
  • Interacting with ChatGPT/BARD/BING – Setup & Crafting
    Effective prompts and Structuring clear prompts
  • Practical Example –Q & A Assistance, Creative Writing –
    Generating ideas or brainstorming with ChatGPT
  • Practical Example : Language Learning (Practising conversation
    In a foreign language with ChatGPT/BARD/BING)
  • Practical Example: Personal Assistant for using ChatGPT
    to set reminders or schedule appointments & Travel
    Planning – Seeking travel advice & finding attractions
  • Practical Example : Evaluating and Improving ChatGPT
    & Ethical use of ChatGPT/BARD/BING
  • Text to Speech

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